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 I have always believed that the aesthetic treatments must be effective and not aggressive.  For that reason alone, any product or service I promote through my business, is carefully selected and first personally tested to be sure that you are always receiving the finest innovations in modern beauty care.  From Europe myself, schooled in Europe and in the U.S., in 1998  I founded Distinctive European Visage (Skin Care by Rodica) to offer clients personalized treatments that combine the most effective European methods with the latest technological advances available in the U.S.  The outstanding high-performance, accurate aimed strategies my clients find here, revive the wholeness and beauty of the skin, and boost the spirit with remarkable outcomes.  After more than 40 years of experience in the beauty field, I am glad to see that the traditional European approach to the aesthetic treatments, prevention before a cure is needed, has finally been adopted in the U.S.  Welcome to my shop. 

The Shop

Distinctive European Visage specializes in creating and maintaining the most wanted feminine attribute:  beauty.  The business is a modern and intimate salon providing exclusive beauty enhancing services to selected feminine clientele.  Since Rodica is the name already generally recognized by my standing clientele for many years, making it part of the business salon's name is purely commercial, which already became a "landmark" in the area. 


 During your appointment, I personally will suggest individual recommendations based of my assessment of your skin type and its conditions.  Following European tradition, treatments are largely performed by hand. Your customized treatment includes skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, oxygenating mask, and hydration.  Other services, such as microdermabrasion and waxing are also available. 

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Face the First Impression

Your soul is hidden behind your face.  Your personal image is the first thing you project in any environment.  Whether business or personal life, your face creates the very first impression of you. How do you face the first impression?