Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Many commercials shown on TV or on the web, present miraculous creams promising to produce the same effect on skin like those offered in a specialized salon, at a considerable less price. Why should I go to a salon, if I can get the same ingredients for less money?
  • A: There are two very distinctive type of products in the beauty field, apparently serving the same goals: products which can be obtained directly over the counter, and those which can be acquired from professional salons only. Although both types seem to contain the same ingredients, their concentration is different. No manufacturer who sells over the counter, will risk anything. Since those products can be procured by anybody without any recommendation or caution, the manufacturer takes all the necessary measures to keep the eventual damaging effect at minimum. By contrary, a professional aesthetician, before recommending any treatment, will perform in depth analysis of your particular skin condition. She will apply or recommend the cream containing an increased percentage of ingredients, scientific determined to have maximum effect in minimum time. In other words, the well known proverb that you pay what you get, applies here as well.

  • Q: There is an invasion of products, recommendations, recipes, beauty services, etc. How can I find the right cream and service which are good for me?
  • A: Indeed, the market is over flown by a variety of skin care products and services like never before. It is not easy to find which one is the best for you. However, we believe that any product or service should be effective and not aggressive. Before taking the decision to go to a beauty salon, do your homework and go through the following steps: •  Ask your friends for an eventual recommendation; •  Look at their website. You will notice that there are salons which provide hair, skin care, nails, hair removal, beauty services, or any combination of them. Select that one which is more specialized in your type of service; •  Try to get an appointment. If you get it on spot, I would think again; •  Ask for information. Most salons would gladly send you their brochure by mail. Shop around by quality, not by price.

  • Q: I noticed that many dermatologists or skin medical centers provide skin care services such as facials, waxing, etc., which ten years ago were an exclusive domain of the beauty salons. Why should I go to a beauty salon and not to a doctor to have a facial?
  • A: The answer is very simple. If you are sick, go to a doctor. If you want to maintain your skin, go to a qualified skin care service provider. Indeed, many doctors aggressively went beyond their qualification and invaded the new terrain, for them, of traditional aestheticians. Many people believe that a doctor is the solution for their skin problem. Well, they might think twice. Most of the doctors will treat you as a patient, regardless the fact that a hired aesthetician provides the service (however, the charge will be a doctor fee). On the other hand, an aesthetician who receives instructions from a doctor, is not a real aesthetician. A beauty salon is not a clinic, but rather a maintenance service for healthy skin. It requires a qualified touch, tradition, sensitivity, personal skill and talent. In fact any qualified aesthetician will send you to a skin doctor if your problem is severe, and needs a doctor attention. In that case, your health insurance will pay the bill. A doctor will give you a prescription. An aesthetician will give a new look. The choice is yours.

  • Q: Why do you think Distinctive European Visage  is different than other salons?
  • A: We do not think we are different. We simply are. No customer who ever entered our door went to other place after (unless other particular reasons occurred). Try us!